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Prasenjit Mitra

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Prasenjit Mitra
  • Professor of Information Sciences and Technology

  • Associate Dean for Research

E397G Westgate Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 865-2379
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering Stanford University, California, 2004

  • M.S., Computer Science The University of Texas at Austin, Texas, 1994

  • B.Tech., (Honours), Computer Science and Engineering,India Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 1993


Prasenjit Mitra received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University in 2004. He worked under the supervision of Prof. Gio Wiederhold and his dissertation is titled "An Algebraic Framework for the Interoperation of Ontologies". Prior to that, he had received a Master of Science degree in Computer Science at The University of Texas at Austin in December, 1994. His Bachelor of Technology (with Honours) degree in Computer Science and Engineering was from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in May, 1993. From 1995, he worked for five years at Oracle Corporation in Redwood Shores, CA as a senior member of the technical staff at the Server Technologies division developing database software. He also worked part-time as a senior engineer at Narus, and DBWizards.


Book Chapter

An Ontology-Composition Algebra, Prasenjit Mitra and Gio Wiederhold, In the Handbook of Ontologies, Editors: Steffen Staab and Rudi Studer, Springer Series on Handbooks In Information Systems, pp. 93-116, 2003.

A Scalable Framework for the Interoperation of Information Sources. P. Mitra, G. Wiederhold, and S. Decker. (extended version of SWWS ‘01 paper).

In "The Emerging Semantic Web". IOS Press, Vol. 75 in the Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications Series, 2002.

Refereed Journal Article

An Algebra for Semantic Interoperability of Information Sources. P. Mitra, G. Wiederhold. (extended version of BIBE paper). In International Journal of Computational Bioinformatics and Bioengineering, 2002.


Framework for the Semantic Web: An RDF Tutorial. S. Decker, P. Mitra, S. Melnik. In IEEE Internet Computing. November/December 2000.

Refereed Conferences & Symposiums

On Containment of Conjunctive Queries with Arithmetic Comparisons. Foto Afrati, Chen Li, Prasenjit Mitra. 9th International Conference on Etenting Database Technology (EDBT), 2004. Answering Queries Using Views with Arithmetic Comparisons. F. Afrati, C. Li, and P. Mitra. In Proc. of the 21st ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems (PODS), 2002. An Algebra for Semantic Interoperability of Information Sources. P. Mitra, and G. Wiederhold. In Proc. of 2nd. IEEE Symp. on BioInformatics and Bioengineering (BIBE), 2001. A Scalable Framework for Interoperation of Information Sources. P. Mitra, G. Wiederhold and S. Decker. In Proc. of the 1st International Semantic Web Working Symposium (SWWS), 2001.


P.Mitra, N.F. Noy, A.R. Jaiswal. OMEN: a Probabilistic Ontology Mapping Tool. In ISWC-04 Workshop on Meaning Coordination and Negotiation held in conjunction with 3rd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC-2004 8 November 2004, Hiroshima Prince Hotel, Hiroshima, Japan

Research Keywords:

  • Database Systems
  • Semantic Web
  • Digital Libraries
  • Data Communications
  • Computer Networks