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Programmer/Analyst, Penn State College of Arts and Architecture
12 Borland Building
University Park, PA 16802
Additional Title(s)
Part-time Adjunct Instructor
2015 M.S. IST, Pennsylvania State University
2006 B.S. IST, Pennsylvania State University

Not exactly.. Normal; Bryan Ollendyke (CV) brings a unique mix of development and philosophy to seemingly mundane topics. A self coined Developer Activist, Bryan has been contributing code to open source efforts at the university and the larger open web since 2007. Founder of ELMS: Learning Network, HAX The Web, HAX camp events, 300+ of NPM packages, 100+ of Drupal modules, Bryan has an insatiable thirst to change academia and the world. Using the classroom as a vehicle to learn and transform, Bryan's IST 256, 402 and 210 classes give students the opportunity to learn about technology by contributing to open source projects used at Penn State and beyond, often directly impacting the courses being actively taught in IST through improvements in learning technologies.

"One line of code, one learner at a time, we will change the world together"

Never. Stop. Innovating.

Research Interests

Open Source, Web components, HTML, Front end development, Code as Activism, community building, sociology

Research Keywords
Open Source
Web components
Front end Developement