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Aviral Shailesh

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations M.S. Student
Graduate Adviser
Peng Liu and Sarah Stager
Graduate Cohort

Aviral Srivastava is a distinguished graduate student at The Pennsylvania State University, specializing in Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations. His academic journey, marked by exceptional rigor and intellectual curiosity, has been a blend of technical proficiency and groundbreaking research. Aviral's remarkable academic achievements include the authorship of over 20 publications, encompassing peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, and comprehensive texts on IoT and Machine Learning for Cybersecurity, establishing him as a prolific contributor to the field.  

Before joining Penn State, Aviral completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Science Engineering, where he laid the foundation for his expertise in cybersecurity. His relentless pursuit of knowledge led him to delve into complex domains such as neural cryptography, quantum cryptography, and security algorithms. Aviral's innovative work in these areas has been recognized with several prestigious awards, including Asia's Most Promising Researcher in Cybersecurity and Cryptography, Best International Researcher Award, and multiple Young Researcher Awards.

Research Interests

Aviral's research interests are deeply rooted in integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Cybersecurity. His work aims to develop more robust, efficient, and secure cyber environments. This passion is also evident in his involvement in various projects at Penn State, where he brings a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.

Research Keywords
machine learning
artificial intelligence