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Joseph Atkinson

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Joseph Atkinson
  • Chief Digital Officer, PricewaterhouseCooper

  • Advisory Board Member, College of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State


Joseph Atkinson is a principal in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Advisory practice, based in the Philadelphia office, and serves as the U.S. Advisory Entertainment, Media & Communications Leader.

Since joining the firm in 1993, Atkinson has provided financial, operational and compliance advice to some of PwC's largest and most complex clients in the entertainment, media and communications field. He serves as the partner responsible for PwC's relationship with Comcast, as well as overseeing our advisory services to Omnicom.

Atkinson has led the development of PwC's core tools and methodologies and been a principal or contributing author of key thought leadership publications from PwC on the subject of risk management and the Board's role in risk oversight. Atkinson regularly trains PwC professionals, clients and industry practitioners on the core principles of effective risk management. He has contributed his thought leadership through various outlets and organizations, including CFO Magazine, Agenda, Financial Executive Magazine, Corporate Board Member Magazine, and Compliance Week among others.

In addition to his professional experience and responsibilities, Atkinson is involved in community and civic activities. He serves as a trustee of the PwC Charitable Foundation, which oversees PwC's charitable activities. He has served as a Trustee and as Board Chairman for Bancroft, a non-profit organization that provides a wide range of services to children and adults with intellectual disabilities, brain injuries, and other neurological challenges. He has also served as a regional board member for INROADS, a non profit that provides support and training to talented minority students and links them to leadership and career opportunities.

Atkinson graduated from the Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance.