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John Meyer

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John Meyer
  • Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.

  • Advisory Board Member, College of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State


John A. Meyer is Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arise Virtual Solutions Inc., the leading virtual solutions company in the world. John joined the company in 2011 to drive the organization’s growth, set the strategic vision and manage the global operations of the business. John has over 30 years of leadership experience with large publicly traded organizations, and building high growth organizations in both the United States and internationally.

Prior to joining Arise in 2011, John served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Acxiom Corporation, a $1.2 billion global interactive marketing services company with more than 6,500 employees. Previously, he served as President of the Global Services group of Alcatel-Lucent for five years, where he was responsible for more than $6 billion in annual revenue and the management of more than 20,000 people. Prior to joining Lucent, he spent almost 20 years in a number of high-profile positions at EDS, including Chairman of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Operating Team, President of Financial Services and Credit Services Divisions, and CIO for the company’s GMAC business. John’s global, multi-industry experience at EDS was marked by numerous successes, including doubling revenue in EMEA from $3.6 billion to $7.2 billion in four years.

Before entering the business world, John served as a flight commander and was selected as a captain in the U.S. Air Force. He holds a MBA from the University of Missouri  with honors and a BS in management from Pennsylvania State University. He was selected as a 2012 Alumni Fellow from Pennsylvania State University.