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Donald A. Haile

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Donald A. Haile
  • Retired, Industry Consultant

  • Advisory Board Member, College of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State

  • Board Director, North Carolina Capital Management Trust

  • Board Director, Micro Electronics Center of North Carolina

  • Trustee, St. Vincent College, Latrobe, PA

  • Trustee, North Carolina Symphony, Raleigh, NC


Don Haile is a retired executive formerly involved in information technology development and services.  In his last position, Mr. Haile was Senior Vice President and Site General Manager for the North Carolina facilities of Fidelity Investments, the largest mutual fund company in the United States. Prior to this, he had been the Chief Information Officer for Fidelity Investments, Boston, between 1998 and 2006.  In addition he has been, during this period, a Venture Partner with Fidelity Ventures.

In his first career, Don spent 34 years of employment with IBM Corp, where he held various senior executive positions in the company, mainly involved in telecommunications and software development.