Majors Night

Majors Night is an excellent opportunity for students who have not yet entered a major to learn about all six of the bachelor's degree programs offered by the College of Information Sciences and Technology.

Event Schedule - Tuesday, October 27

  • 7:00 p.m. | Introduction (Main Room)
  • 7:15 p.m. | First round of major presentations (Breakout Rooms)
  • 7:35 p.m. | Second round of major presentations (Breakout Rooms)
  • 7:55 p.m. | Closing Remarks (Main Room)

Main Room

Join us for a brief overview of each of the College of IST's six majors from Dr. Nick Giacobe, director of undergraduate programs. After this introduction, you can join a breakout room to learn more about a specific major.

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Breakout Rooms

Each breakout room features a member of the faculty, a student pursuing the major, a representative from a club or organization associated with that major, and an academic adviser. This is a great opportunity to follow up with specific questions on your target major(s)! Zoom links and programs descriptions are listed below.

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Learn how you can protect critical information and systems from attack, analyze vulnerability issues, and communicate cyber threats.

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Data Sciences

Gain the skills needed to analyze and interpret huge amounts of data, and then turn your insights into strategic action.

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Enterprise Technology Integration

Learn how to integrate information technology into and across different systems to meet organizational goals.

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Human-Centered Design and Development

Understand how people use technology and design, build, and evaluate effective software applications and other interactive technologies.

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Information Sciences and Technology

Build an understanding of core information technologies, how they can be used in practical applications, and their impact on society.

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Security and Risk Analysis

Understand the strategic and tactical levels of intelligence collection, analysis, and decision-making in a number of security and risk domains.

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