Career Fairs - Student Information

Every year, the Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement holds two career fairs specifically for IST students—Pro Expo in the fall and Future Forum in the spring. These events allow IST students to explore internship and career opportunities with employers seeking to hire professionals with their unique skills, while also giving employers exclusive access to the college's impressive pool of talented students.

Future Forum 2021

Monday, February 1 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Student Registration

Future Forum will be held virtually using the Brazen platform. Review the information below to help you prepare.

Attending Employers

View a list of registered employers on Nittany Lion Careers. Be sure to research these organizations and view their open job and internship opportunities. You can filter the employers by position type available, desired majors, and visa sponsorship availability.

Scenario 1 - Never created an account in Brazen

NOTE: This is not unique to registering for Future Forum -- it means you have never created an account in Brazen or registered for any other events on the Brazen platform

  • Visit the online registration page:
  • Click on the red “Register” button.
  • Create an account in Brazen
    • Enter your First and Last Name
    • Enter your Email Address
    • Create a password (to create the password, just type it into the Password field)
    • Click 'SIGN UP'
    • You will receive an email from Brazen to verify your email address/account
  • Complete all required fields on the registration form.

Scenario 2 - Already have a Brazen account but have not registered for Future Forum

  • Visit the online registration page:
  • Click on the red “Register” button.
  • Click on the “Have an account? Log In” link
  • Enter your email address and password
    • Click the Forgot Password link if you need to reset your password
  • Complete all required fields on the registration form.

Scenario 3 - Already registered for Future Forum using the “Sign Up with Penn State” button

  • Visit the online registration page:
  • Click on the “Log In” button in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click the Forgot Password link
  • Enter your PSU email address
  • You will receive an email from Brazen to reset your password
  • You can then log in using the steps above.
  • Complete all required fields on the registration form.


Pre-registration is strongly encouraged, but you can also register during the live event. To register:

  • Visit the online registration page.
  • Click on the red “Register” button. (View detailed instructions on creating an account in the 'Accessing Brazen' section above)
  • Complete all required fields on the registration form.
  • Note that resume is a required field. We recommend that you have your resume reviewed by an IST Career Coach or through Nittany Lion Careers before submitting.
  • Career Coach appointments can be scheduled through Starfish.

Research Attending Organizations

Learn about the attending organizations and plan your conversations by researching the attending organizations.

  • You can filter your results to see visa sponsorship availability, desired majors, and available position types.
  • Make a list of the employers that you want to connect with during the fair.
  • Write down a few questions to ask each employer.

Prepare for the Event

Being prepared ensures that you’re putting yourself in the best position for success.

Access the Career Fair

  • Visit the virtual career fair homepage.
  • Log-in using the email address and password you used during registration. (View detailed instructions on creating an account in the 'Accessing Brazen' section above)
  • Find Future Forum in your list of registered events and click on the “Enter Event” button.

Connect with Employers

  • Enter into an organization’s booth.
  • Click on the green "Chat" button to open your chat availability with that employer.
  • When an employer is available to chat, your chat window will automatically open.
  • If you have entered into multiple lines, be sure to check which employer you are speaking with.
  • You can begin typing to the employer. Have a standard greeting ready – remember your 30 second pitch!
  • The employer will initiate a video chat, which you will need to accept to be connected.
  • Chats are set for eight minutes, but you do not need to use the full amount of time. You'll see a timer showing how much time you have remaining.
  • When the chat is over, you will be automatically connected to the next available employer if you were in multiple lines. If you were only in one line, you can also enter into the next booth and get in line when you are ready.

Search for employers

  • Click on "Search Booths”
  • Type the employer name in the Keyword search bar
  • You can also click on the Advanced Search link to filter by booth tags to help you narrow your search.
  • You can also enter into the chat lines right from here by sliding the toggle next to each employer to the right.
  • You can enter into multiple lines at once. Your chat will automatically start with the first available employer.
  • Be careful not to enter too many lines at once. You want to be sure that you connect with your top employers, give yourself a break in between chats, and make sure you know which employer you are chatting with.

Leave a note

  • If you are unable to connect with an employer, you can "Drop a Note" that will be emailed to them.
  • This is done in each booth. You will see a "Drop a Note" link under the Content section.
  • Notes will show your profile information and your resume to the employer.

Questions during the Event?

  • The IST Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement will have a booth in the event lobby.
  • Stop by to chat with an IST Career Coach.
  • For technical issues, review the “Technical Support” section found under the “Using Brazen” section below.

Brazen Overview

Watch this short video for an overview of the Brazen platform. Download Brazen’s Tactical Guide for FAQs, Troubleshooting Tips, and to learn how to navigate virtual career fairs.

Technical Support

Technical issues during the fair will be handled by Brazen. Email or complete this form to get assistance during the fair.

Upcoming IST Career Fairs

Future Forum

Monday, February 1, 2021
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Held virtually on the Brazen platform

Pro Expo

Monday, September 20, 2021
Location TBD