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Center for Security Research and Education announces spring 2020 grant program

December 16, 2019

The Penn State Center for Security Research and Education has announced its spring 2020 grant program to support security-related scholarship and educational programs at Penn State. University faculty and researchers are eligible to apply by Feb. 14, 2020.


First-generation student celebrates success as IST student marshal

December 13, 2019

Since Joselyne Mera Vargas moved to the United States from Ecuador when she was 9 years old, she has developed valuable leadership and communication skills, discovered a passion for data science, and completed a summer internship at Harvard University.


New software developed by Penn State improves database security

November 11, 2004

Penn State researchers have developed software that more quickly and efficiently ensures that databases don't release unauthorized information.


Shared awareness key to successful computer-supported collaboration

November 9, 2004

Team members can collaborate more successfully and create better solutions to complex, ill-defined problems by using software tools that support members' shared understanding of long-term goals, plans, challenges and allocation of resources, say Penn State information sciences and technology


Penn State improves logistics support to Marines in Iraq, Afghanistan

October 13, 2004

Penn State researchers helped analyze wireless technologies and diagnostic systems for ground equipment for imminent use by the U.S. Marines in current operations, and made recommendations to enhance their use for future operations.


Giving computers the jitters helps explain human behavior

September 28, 2004

Penn State researchers have developed a computer program that mimics the results when a human appraises a task as threatening and feels worried before starting.


Dynamic lighting system colors 3-D environments

August 20, 2004

An automatic lighting system that can speed up the development of interactive stories and videogames can enhance players' experiences, too, by adding more tension and emotion to a scene, says the Penn State researcher who developed the system.


Old boys' clubs contribute to gender gap in IT

August 10, 2004

When it comes to understanding women's underrepresentation in the IT workforce, nature/nurture theories don't explain why some women successfully hold positions such as systems and Web developers, IT administrators, project managers and software architects, say Penn State researchers.


Computers alone won't create knowledge economy

August 6, 2004

The "build it and they will come" approach to economic development won't create the next Silicon Valley, Penn State researchers say.


Penn State establishes Institute for Computational Science

July 27, 2004

Penn State has established a University-wide Institute for Computational Sciences that will bring together faculty from 11 colleges, institutes and units to pursue collaborative projects in computational science.


IST researcher looks to 'debug' software

May 20, 2004

Mary Beth Rosson, professor of information sciences and technology at Penn State, is participating in a $2.6-million National Science Foundation grant aimed at helping computer users identify and fix software glitches.


New marking process traces spammers, pirates and hackers

March 31, 2004

Penn State researchers have proposed a new marking process for Internet messages to make it easier to trace the originators of spam, illegal copyrighted material or a virus attack.


Challenging assumptions leads to Web searching insights

July 23, 2003

Lee Giles is not too interested in "surfing" the Web. "Mining" and "extraction" are terms more to his liking.