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IST Research Centers and Labs The Center for Network-Centric Cognition and Information Fusion

The Center for Network-Centric Cognition and Information Fusion

"We have all this incredible amount of information, but we don’t have knowledge. What we’re trying to do is focus on the problem of transforming energy—sensor and other information—into knowledge. Dr. David Hall, Founding Director of NC2IF

The future of information brings us sensor and data-fusion technology. The Center for NC2IF explores the information chain from energy detection via sensors and human observation to physical modeling, signal and image processing, pattern recognition, knowledge creation, information infrastructure, and human decision-making—all in the context of organizations and the nation.

The work of our researchers focuses on the gap between the collection of reports and data in computer systems and the knowledge and decisions in the minds of computer users. Our research, sponsors, labs, and facilities place us at the forefront of data-fusion research.

Please join us as we lead the next wave of innovation for intelligent machines, strategic planning, crisis management, and cognitive modeling.