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Integration & Application (ITINT)

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In this option, students examine how information technology can enable and support how work is accomplished within and between businesses. Students analyze the needs of an organization, formulate and implement technology-based solutions, and evaluate the outcomes. Students in this option also work on projects such as designing a software application to store genetic information used by scientists.

Suggested Academic Plan

Students can use the Suggested Academic Plan as a guide to schedule necessary courses and meet degree requirements. Note that these plans only show one way to move through degree requirements, and your schedule may not be identical to the suggested plan.

Prescribed Coursework

IST 302, 420, and 421 are required courses (9cr)

Exploration and application of the basic concepts, methodologies, and tools of project management in the field of information sciences and technology.

Prerequisite: IST 210, IST 220

Introductory course on integration of information technology into different venues, including the planning, development, and implementation of the integration.

Prerequisite: IST 240, IST 301, IST 302

Advanced course on the integration of information technology into systems applications.

Prerequisite: IST 420


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