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People, Organizations & Society (ISPP)

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This option explores how technology impacts organizations and society. Students will study how businesses and other organizations use technology in their processes, such as how Starbucks uses Twitter and other social media to promote its brand and marketing messages. Students are encouraged to think "outside the box" and pursue opportunities that will allow them to see firsthand how people and technology interact.

Suggested Academic Plan

Students can use the Suggested Academic Plan as a guide to schedule necessary courses and meet degree requirements. Note that these plans only show one way to move through degree requirements, and your schedule may not be identical to the suggested plan.

Prescribed Coursework

IST 431 and IST 432 are required courses (6cr)

Survey of social environment of information technology themes: Community, sovereignty, privacy, ethics, economics, and knowledge management.

Prerequisite: IST 210, IST 220

Legal environment of information technology, constitutional/political issues, intellectual property, management, e-commerce, privacy, access, computer contracting, cyberspace regulation.

Prerequisite: IST 301 or SRA 231 or equivalent

Select 3 credits from IST 302 or IST 413 (3cr)

Exploration and application of the basic concepts, methodologies, and tools of project management in the field of information sciences and technology.

Prerequisite: IST 210 and IST 220

The modern system development process includes concurrent engineering of usability - features of a system that make it approachable, learnable, as well as easy and satisfying to use.

Prerequisite: C or better in IST 331


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