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Design & Development (ISDEV)

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This option teaches you how to design software and integrate information technologies to meet a group of people's specific need. Often students work with unfamiliar software programs and computer languages, troubleshooting problems when they don't work and think logically to solve complex problems. Students in this option work on projects such as developing applications for iPhones and other devices.

Suggested Academic Plan

Students can use the Suggested Academic Plan as a guide to schedule necessary courses and meet degree requirements. Note that these plans only show one way to move through degree requirements, and your schedule may not be identical to the suggested plan.

Prescribed Coursework

IST 311 is a required course (3cr)

Introduction to object-oriented applications including applications in an Object Oriented Design (OOD) language or OOD languages.

Prerequisite: IST 242 or CMPSC 221

Select 3 credits from IST 261 or IST 361 (3cr)

Introductory design and development studio course for IST and SRA students.

Prerequisite: IST 242 or approval of instructor

Second of two design and development studio courses for IST and SRA students.

Prerequisite: IST 311 or program approval
IST 361 is offered in spring only.

Select 6 credits from IST 411, IST 412, and IST 413 (6cr)

Introduction to distributed-object computing and its use in client/server and real-world computing applications.

Prerequisite: IST 311
IST 411 is offered in spring only.

Introduction to the engineering of complex software systems including software system specification, design and implementation, integration and test, and evolution.

Prerequisite: IST 311 
IST 412 is offered in fall only.

This course addresses activities in the system development process that ensure usability. It considers the emerging concept of usability, requirements gathering and analysis, activity design, information design, interaction design, documentation design, user testing and usability evaluation. 

Prerequisite: IST 331


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