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Majors Night

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Date:  Tuesday, October 8
Time:  7-9 p.m.
Location:  W201 Westgate Building (Cybertorium)

Join us to learn more about each of College of IST's five bachelor of science degree programs. IST faculty will spend 15 minutes discussing each major, potential careers, and the similarities and differences between each program. After the presentations, faculty, academic advisers, and current students will be available to answer questions.

College of IST Majors

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Presented by Mike Hills, associate teaching professor of IST

Learn how to ensure the safety of critical information and assets. You'll master the technical skills, risk management strategies, and analytical methods used to safeguard data and systems, while analyzing security and communicating cyberthreat and vulnerability issues to top-level decision-makers.

Data Sciences (Applied Data Sciences option)

Presented by John Yen, professor of IST

Engage in an intercollege program that will help you learn the technical fundamentals of data sciences and the skills to manage and analyze large-scale unstructured data. The Applied Data Sciences option offered by the College of IST – one of three options in the major – focuses on using big data to support discovery and decision-making.

Human-Centered Design and Development

Presented by Steven Haynes, program coordinator and teaching professor

Understand how people use technology, and how to identify, design, build, and evaluate technologies to enhance people’s lives. Students will learn the methods for understanding users, techniques, and tools for designing effective technologies, and the modern platforms that are used to create effective technology solutions.

Information Sciences and Technology

Presented by Rosalie Ocker, program coordinator and teaching professor

Understand how people use technology and revolutionize the role it plays in the way individuals live, work, and play. Students will build an understanding of core information technologies, learn the practical application of various information technologies, and sharpen their abilities to think critically and work in teams.

Security and Risk Analysis

Presented by Jake Graham, program coordinator and professor of practice

Learn how to recognize, communicate, and address the analytic needs of a wide range of security and risk domains. Students will understand the strategic and tactical levels of intelligence collection, analysis, and decision-making; explore legal, ethical, and professional issues; and leverage the role of technology in the field.