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Immunization Compliance

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Though an on-going campaign has been underway to inform students of immunization requirements, many are still non-compliant.  As a result, registration holds have been placed on those students who are out of compliance.

Because these registrations holds will prevent students from making changes to their schedules, including dropping/adding courses, it is important for students to take action now if they have a hold.  Below is the information about required immunizations along with details on the actions required by students to resolve these registration holds.  Please note that it can take 24-48 hours after submitting the required immunizations for the hold to be lifted.

Immunization requirements are applicable to all incoming students at University Park and Commonwealth Campuses and returning students admitted in FA16/17 and any students living in the residence halls. For questions or more information, visit University Health Services website or email

Visit the University Health Services website for information on required immunizations and to download the Penn State Immunization Verification Form. Using the two-step process outlined on the website, submit your information to myUHS prior to arriving on campus.

  1. PRINT and TAKE a copy of the Penn State Immunization Verification Form to your health care provider for completion.
  2. Log in to myUHS using your Penn State access credentials, and upload images of the completed Penn State Immunization Verification Form and, if applicable, any positive antibody titer blood test results.

Encourage students to check their messages in MyUHS and, for returning students, to log into LionPATH for any service indicators. Forms are being entered daily. It may take 24-48 hours for the holds to be lifted once the form is processed. They will receive a secured message through MyUHS when the hold has been removed.

Additional information and details about immunization requirements can be found online.