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Student Enrichment Fund

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IST Students in AfricaEngaged scholarship is a growing initiative at IST. In the broadest sense, you can define it as out-of-the-classroom experiences (think research, study abroad, and club experiences) that complement what you're learning in class. It can also involve service work, partnering with civic organizations and using your knowledge to address pressing issues in society.  These experiences can provide a broader perspective that you will take with you long after graduation into your career.

To aid you in your pursuit of engaged scholarship educational opportunities, we are able to offer funds through our Corporate Associates program. These funds are available through an application process to support undergraduate research, education opportunities abroad, and travel grants.

To apply for funding, please carefully read the information on this site and submit your complete application materials by the deadlines for award (grant) consideration.

Preferences to award funding are as follows:

  • Submission of a complete Proposal to Support Funding.
  • IST, SRA and Data Sciences Majors who are resident UP students
  • Students applying to the fund for the first time
  • Students presenting a higher financial need
  • Cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher
  • Students participating in preferred engaged scholarship experience – ie. travel associated with classes (ie HESE), semester abroad, conference presentations, approved IST 495 internship abroad experiences
  • Student organization requests

Funding amounts will vary based on the need and number of  requests received.

Application Information

Application deadlines for priority consideration are as follows:

  • Summer and fall semester priority deadline: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MARCH 2
  • Spring semester priority deadline: October 31

Please complete the online application. You must be prepared to upload an updated resume, an Enrichment Funding Expense Summary and a written Proposal to Support Funding at the same time you complete the online application.

Applications submitted after the deadlines will be considered if any resources remain.

Awarding Funds

Funds will be disbursed to individual student applicants through their bursar account. Please note that any disbursements into your bursar account will first be applied to any outstanding balance on your account. You will receive a refund for any remaining credit according to the refund option that you selected on eLion. Students will be asked to sign an understanding of agreement that funds will be returned to the college if the activities that the funds are supporting are not completed.  Funds being requested by a student organization will be deposited into the club ASA account.

Follow-up Enrichment Assignments

If you are selected to receive funding from the student enrichment resources you are blazing a trail of opportunities for future students who will embark upon a path of engaged scholarship.

All IST students who have received enrichment funding from the College will be required to submit a written summary and reflection on their experience. Pictures documenting some highlights from your experience should be included as part of this submission. Submit these materials to the Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement telling us what you did and what this opportunity meant to you or how it will impact you and your future.

Additionally, we would like you to complete at least one of the following enrichment assignments:

  • Submit a blog post discussing your enrichment experience. The blog can be completed during or after your experience.
  • Work with the Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement to create a presentation to faculty, staff or students telling about your experience.
  • Volunteer to talk to our Corporate Associates about your experience.
  • Have your own idea for an activity? Feel free to share with us your idea for an enrichment assignment. Please talk with us before your experience for approval.

We look forward to you sharing with us pictures and reflections from your experiences. Before, during and after your adventure, please send your information (thoughts, blog links and pictures) to