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Student Life

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The more you learn about the College of IST, the more you’ll realize there is no “typical” student. Our students have widely varying backgrounds and interests. Some didn’t take any technology classes in high school beyond keyboarding. Some studied Web design and programming, while others have taken courses to become certified in Microsoft Office and Cisco training. What unites College of  IST students is a common interest in technology, math, problem solving, and working with other people. Beyond the classroom, our students are involved in various College of IST student organizations including WIST (Women in IST), WIRED IN, Student Government, and the IST Special Living Option, to name a few.

IST students also are involved in all aspects of Penn State student life beyond IST. For example, you can find IST students playing on athletic teams, participating in the Penn State Blue Band, working on their skills with the Juggling Club, studying abroad, working on and off campus, and helping to raise money for kids with cancer through the annual Penn State Dance Marathon.