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IST Diplomats

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IST Diplomats are members of the peer-to-peer ambassador program for the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) at Penn State's University Park campus. Their distinct backgrounds and diverse set of Penn State experiences are an integral component of the college’s student engagement strategy. 

Diplomats work closely with staff, alumni, employers, and prospective undergraduate students. They represent the college’s many academic programs, career resources, and student engagement opportunities. Each Diplomat has a unique story to share of their Penn State and IST journey, which may be heard in one of the many roles the position takes on. You can find Diplomats facilitating student panels, meeting personally with prospective students, providing support at a number of different in-person events, connecting with employers, engaging with alumni and donors, and guiding guests on tours around the college.

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Becoming an IST Diplomat

Diplomats are selected by the College of IST after being nominated by faculty, staff, their peers, or themselves. Selected students complete the IST Diplomat Leadership Academy (IDLA) the semester following their nomination. This eight-week training includes lessons on leadership styles, interpersonal communication, professional development, college services, and more. 

Nominations for the Spring 2020 Diplomat class closed on Friday, October 25, 2019. For more information about joining in the Fall 2020 semester, you may contact

2018-2019 Diplomats:

  • Patrick Bachman
  • Suhyeok Bang
  • Alex Blough, President
  • Alexandra "Allie" Bardusch
  • David Cruz, Vice President
  • Suraj Dalsania, Secretary
  • Kaitlyn Davis
  • Nicole Generose
  • Maria George
  • Grant Hart
  • Swarali Korgaonkar
  • Andrew Martin
  • Austen Maurer
  • Leah Miller, Events Coordinator
  • Julianna Murphy
  • Sean Parsons
  • Henry Pearce
  • Cara Schwartz
  • Lauren Vozel