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Start Your Own Student Organization

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IST student organizations focus primarily on IST topics and students. To form an IST organization, founders must have certain things in place as well as approval from the dean of IST. The following is a template for starting a new IST student organization:

1. Develop the organization concept
The first step in starting an IST organization is to determine its focus, which should be related to information technology. Try to envision what the organization would do on a regular basis or if it would have any special events. Also, read the current IST student organization descriptions and see if your ideas are already being carried out by another organization or if they could be integrated into another organization. After forming your own ideas about the organization, seek advice from others, including your professors and other knowledgeable people. Explain your reasoning for starting the organization and ask if they think the organization would benefit IST students. Listen to their suggestions and concerns.

2. Get an adviser
Your adviser should be a faculty or staff member who is knowledgeable about the subject matter of the organization. Ask IST faculty and staff who they think might be a suitable candidate for your adviser. Approach a potential adviser with your ideas about your club and its purpose and ask if he or she would be willing to help you with the organization and become the organization's official adviser. If you are turned down by one person, keep searching and speaking with faculty and staff; eventually you will find the right person for the job.

3. Write a proposal
Consider the following when writing a proposal:

  • What are you trying to accomplish with your organization?

  • What can the organization bring to the college?

  • How will this organization help IST students?

  • Why is your organization necessary?

  • Has something similar already been created?

  • What does your organization need to accomplish its goals (funding, room reservations, support from the college, corporate support, members, etc.)?

4. Submit proposal to the Dean
It is important to obtain the dean's approval because he will be able to provide your organization with funding and other resources. Once you have a finalized your proposal, it's time to discuss it with the Dean of IST. You will need to contact the Dean's office for an appointment. Present your proposal to the Dean explaining that you have support of your adviser and of other members of the faculty and staff. If the Dean rejects your proposal, find out why your proposal was not accepted. Consult with your adviser and other faculty and staff for advice. Rewrite your proposal based on the Dean's comments and present it again. Once the Dean accepts your proposal, you officially have a new IST organization.

5. Elect leadership
Once you are an official IST organization, you will need to create a strong base for the success of your organization. Care and consideration should be taken when electing your initial leadership, because your leaders will form the core of your organization. The executive board should be made up independent thinkers who voice their opinions, take initiative, and get things done.Possible executive officer positions: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, Webmaster, social chair, corporate liaison, and public relations representative/historian. Look at other IST organizations and ask your adviser for examples of how to manage the executive board and how the executive board should manage the organization's members.

6. Recognition by the IST Student Government
The leadership of your organization must contact the IST Student Government for its approval and acknowledgment within the IST Student Government constitution. Once approved by the president of the IST Student Government and the executive board, the organization will be signed into the constitution. The head of the recognized IST organization will serve on the executive board of the IST Student Government.

7. Recruiting
For a successful organization, recruit members of all class years and with a variety of skills. The older or more experienced members can pass down their knowledge to the younger, less experienced members. It is necessary to have younger members because in a few years they will be the leadership and without them you organization cannot survive in the long run.