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Online Job Listings

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Students at Penn State have access to a job posting system, Nittany Lion Careers, where employers post internship and full-time opportunities specifically targeting your majors.  In addition to this resource, below you will find a list of other helpful job posting sites. Most of these sites can be used to search for both full-time and internship opportunities.

REMEMBER: To qualify for academic credit, an internship must be a minimum of 300 hours in length with the same company, and must be completed within 2 consecutive academic semesters.  It does not have to be called an "internship" in the posting to qualify.  Review our Internship Program page for additional details.

Disclaimer: Note that the Office of Career Solutions & Corporate Engagement does not endorse any of these sites over another, nor are we responsible for the postings that you find there.  If at any time you have concerns regarding the use of these sites, please contact our office.

  • Cyberseek -- connecting cybersecurity professionals with supply & demand job location information and other career resources
  • -- Federal cybersecurity roles
  • DHS Cybersecurity -- cybersecurity positions with the Department of Homeland Security



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