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Grade Requirements

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Once you are registered for IST 495, you will receive an email with the links for the deliverables listed below. You must use the links provided to you at the time of registration in order to submit your deliverables. The links are connected to your registration and profile. If you have misplaced your registration email, contact

  • Online evaluation form submitted by your employer. It will be your responsibility to provide this link to your supervisor.
  • Online student evaluation form to be completed by you.
  • A final report and a resume showcasing your internship experience. These must be submitted at the same time. Please use these links to resources that will assist you - Guidelines for Final Report and Sample Resumes.  ***Please note that the "final report" for world campus students varies slightly.  You will be submitting your report in three smaller report/reflections instead of one final report at the end.***
  • Online discussions.  Throughout the semester you will be asked to participate in several online discussions.  The number of discussions will vary based on your section.  The purpose of the online discussion boards is to allow you to share your internship experience and to gain valuable insight on the internships of your classmates. 

All deliverables will be due prior to the last day of class of the semester in which you are completing your internship for credit. Due dates for deliverables will be posted in Canvas, the course management system. You will receive a failing grade if these deliverables are not completed and turned in by the deadline date. You can take a maximum of two consecutive semesters to complete the 300 hour internship requirement with prior permission from the Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement.

If you anticipate a delay in the submission of your materials by the due date, email and ask for an extension. Missed deadlines are not tolerated unless you contact our office first using the email address above. If materials are not graded in time for the registrar's grade submission deadlines, you will receive a Deferred Grade (DF) until the grading is complete.