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Corporate Day Trips

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Corporate day trips provide you with an opportunity to interact first-hand with corporate IT employees, recruiters, and corporate executives. These events are a great way to explore diverse companies and find ones that match your interests, skills, and potential. This is an opportunity to network with some of the key decision makers within an organization and see first-hand cutting-edge technology and best practices. 

Upcoming corporate day trips include the following:

  • BAE Systems- Washington D.C.
  • The Vanguard Group- Malvern PA
  • Lockheed Martin- Valley Forge PA

The IST Annual Student Field Trip

This yearly event provides you with an opportunity to interact first-hand with corporate IT employees, recruiters and/or corporate executives. You experience, first-hand, what three (3) different IT career opportunities would be like.

As you work on your college education, you can also work on your career path by attending an event like this one. The IST annual student field trip helps you find a dynamic company with opportunities to match your interests, your skills and your potential. See where you fit.



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