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Job Offers

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You received a job offer -- now what?

  1. Avoid making snap decisions
    Evaluating an offer (or multiple offers) takes time. You'll also need to be cognizant of the amount of time you have to make your decision. Asking for an extension is acceptable but keep in mind that the employer may not be able to accommodate your request.
  2. Read carefully
    Be sure you thoroughly understand the position and expectations of the organization. Determine if this is the right fit for you before accepting.
  3. Consider the salary
    Students in the College of IST report an average starting salary of about $65K with an average signing bonus of about $6K. Other sites, like and NACE's Salary Calculator, can provide you with industry and national averages based on your skills/qualifications.
  4. Accept or decline the offer
  5. Once you've accepted an offer, it is unethical to continue interviewing and searching for "better" offers.
    Remove yourself from any pending interviews and communicate with other companies who have outstanding offers to let them know you are no longer available.

Penn State's Career Services Office offers additional information to consider when evaluating a job offer. Discussing this process with an IST Career Coach can also help you determine if this is the right fit for you.



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