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Dress for Success

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Knowing how to dress appropriately for a professional situation can go a long way. First impressions are important!


  • Interviews and Career Fairs = Business Professional
  • Info sessions = Business Casual
  • Review this Attire Guide for suggestions on building a professional wardrobe

NOTE: If you are attending an employer event or engagement session and dress code is not specified, The Office of Career Solutions recommends that you dress in Business Casual attire.

General tips

  • Avoid perfume and cologne
    Personal hygiene is important but you don't want to overwhelm someone with a strong perfume/cologne. Remember, interview rooms can be small and even a pleasant smell can be overwhelming in close quarters.
  • Neutral colors work best
    For all situations
  • Clothes should be neat and clean
    Be sure your clothes are laundered, wrinkle/lint free, and that they fit you well.
  • Stow your phone
    Keep cell phones turned off and out of sight with your other personal belongings.

Additional Resources

  • About.com on How to Dress for an Interview
    An article giving you tips on what to wear on a job interview.
  • How to Buy Your Professional Wardrobe
    Advice for buying your first professional wardrobe.
  • Clothing Transit - provides trans and gender non-binary students with the freedom to comfortably find clothing that reflects their gender expression without the discomfort of shopping in a traditional store.  Located in the Ritenour Building at Penn State's University Park campus.
  • Professional Attire Closet at Penn State Career Services located at the Bank of America Building - We know that a great suit can be a professional game changer. Check the website for information on when the closet is open or on how you might donate your own gently used professional clothing to help a Penn State Student.



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