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The major GPA can be added to your resume to demonstrate your success within the major. To determine your unofficial major GPA using the GPA calculator below, enter the number of credits in the appropriate grade box. Enter only the credits for your IST/SRA/DS classes as well as any programming courses (Comps Sci) that are fulfilling requirements for your major.

For Example: If you received a A for you IST 495 Internship which is a one credit course, enter “1” in the “Credits of A” box. You can then see a calculations at the bottom of the page demonstrating your “Major GPA 4.00 (unofficial)”. It is most accurate to identify this as “unofficial” as it is self-reported.

Keep in mind that including only your major GPA may be a red flag to some recruiters. Be prepared to asked for either clarification or validation of your overall GPA through request of an official or unofficial transcript.

The major GPA calculator is not a tool that will work for our DS students at this time.

Grade Number of Credits Value
Credits of A+
x 4.33
Credits of A
x 4.00
Credits of A-
x 3.67
Credits of B+
x 3.33
Credits of B
x 3.00
Credits of B-
x 2.67
Credits of C+
x 2.33
Credits of C
x 2.00
Credits of C-
x 1.67
Credits of D
x 1.00
Credits of F
x 0.00
Total Credits:



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