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Get Involved

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Employers want to see that you are involved in extra-curricular activities, in addition to your academics.  Participation in clubs and organizations, not only helps to build your network, but it provides you with opportunities to develop your soft skills (leadership, teamwork, communication, etc.) that are highly sought after by employers.

Take advantage of the opportunities

How do you make the most of your time at IST? Ask any student, and you’ll likely get the same response: Get involved!

The number of student organizations in IST keeps growing; it’s a great way to keep the learning going outside the classroom, connect with other students, and even network with potential employers! Explore the possibilities and get involved one of the College of IST’s student organizations.

Join a professional organization

  • SIMposium
    A networking organization for IT leadership
  • Association for Computing Machinery
    ACM was founded in 1947 and prides itself in advancing the skills of information technology professionals and students worldwide.
  • IEEE Computer Society
    Leading provider of technical information, community services, and personalized services for the world's computing professionals.



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