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Career Development Process

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Finding the perfect job to launch your career is not something that can be done a week before you graduate.  Career development is a process that begins when you enter school.  Review the Timeline for Career Success to help you understand the steps you'll need to take each semester to build your career portfolio, design a targeted job search strategy, and market yourself to potential employers.

The Office of Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement is here to help you along your journey to career success.  We provide students with access to a comprehensive set of tools and resources that will help develop your personalized career path.

Discover Your Path

Build Your Career Portfolio

  • This is a collection of career-related documents that highlight your skills and abilities to employers.  These can include your resume, cover letters, social media accounts, ePortfolios, and more!

Obtain an Internship

  • Not only is an internship experience a requirement to graduate, it also provides you with hands-on learning experience in a real-world environment that is invaluable to your future career success.

Boost Your Skills

Find Your Dream Job

  • Following the suggestions and advice listed on this website and offered by our career coaches will help set you up for continued career success.  Utilize employer engagement opportunities and job search sites to identify and land your dream job!



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