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IST Students

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Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, attending classes in-person or online, here you’ll find resources to support you every step of the way through your education at IST, from course selection and student engagement opportunities, to help in securing internships and jobs after you graduate – IST has you covered.


UndergraduateStudents are encouraged to use the resources within the Undergraduate Students site to help them make the most of their Penn State experience. This includes reviewing recommended academic plans, Entrance to Major (ETM) information, and staying informed of any curricular changes.

Current Graduate Students

Graduate StudentsPh.D. and M.S. students are encouraged to use the resources within the Graduate Students site to assist them with the policies and procedures of our program. 

Online Programs

The College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) recognizes that many adult learners are returning to the classroom to complete their first bachelor’s degree or to earn an advanced degree to meet the demands of an every-changing workforce. Many of these non-traditional learners seek the convenience and flexibility of an academic curriculum that can fit into their busy personal and career schedules.


The College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) partners with the Schreyer Honors College to offer honors courses (including research project courses and independent studies), a thesis experience, research opportunities, internships, study abroad experiences, graduate opportunities, and advising to students who seek an honors education.

Academic Integrity

When you enrolled in Penn State, you became a member of a prestigious and hardworking university community. As part of this community, you are subject to the same high standards and expectations as your professors, instructors, and teaching assistants.

Career Solutions

IST Career Solutions and Corporate Engagement is here to help you prepare for, and maximize, your internship and job opportunities and any other post-graduate plans you may have coming your way.

Student Engagement

Student LifeThe more you learn about the College of IST, the more you’ll realize there is no “typical” student. Our students have widely varying backgrounds and interests. What unites College of  IST students is a common interest in technology, math, problem solving, and working with other people.