What courses can I use for Support of Option for ISTBS? | College of Information Sciences and Technology
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What courses can I use for Support of Option for ISTBS?

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Support of Option selections are meant to help you acquire knowledge of an application domain (i.e., the environment in which you eventually hope to work) and to help you develop supplemental knowledge and competencies related to your option. Students in the Design and Development (ISDEV) option are required to take 9 credits in this area, and students in the other two options Integration and Application (ITINT) and People, Organizations, and Society (ISPP) are required to complete 12 credits of Support of Option coursework. No  more than 6 credits can be at the 100-200 level. Three credits (3 cr) or more must be at the 400 level. Depending on your option, you may take 9-12 credits of IST or SRA coursework to meet this requirement. An overview of this requirement can be found here.