Can I take classes over the summer and have them transfer to PSU? | College of Information Sciences and Technology
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Can I take classes over the summer and have them transfer to PSU?

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Yes, you can take summer courses at any Penn State campus or at many other colleges and universities.  Coursework from another institution will transfer either as a specific Penn State course (e.g., ECON 102) or as general credits in a subject area (e.g., Econ – 3 GEN credits). If appropriate, general credits may be used to fulfill degree requirements and may be applied to the program of study in accordance with the policies established by the college of enrollment.

It is always good to check the equivalency BEFORE taking the course and know how the course will be used in your degree program.  Be sure to use the Transfer Evaluation Tool to find equivalent courses (remember General Credits do not equal the direct equivalent for a course) or talk with your adviser to learn more about having a course evaluated for equivalency. You need to earn a C or better for the course to be eligible for transfer, but the grade is not calculated as part of your Penn State gpa.  In other words, the credits transfer but not your grade.

Visit Transfer Credit: Penn State University Undergraduate Admissions for further information.