Can I take an IST or SRA World Campus course? | College of Information Sciences and Technology
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Can I take an IST or SRA World Campus course?

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Beginning Fall 2017 students are able to enroll in IST and SRA courses offered through World Campus (WC), Students cannot use LionPATH to enroll in WC IST/SRA courses offered Fall or Spring semesters. Students need to contact the WC Registrar's Office seven (7) days before the semester begins, or call 1-800-252-3592, to enroll in course(s). All listed enrollment requirements must be met and pre-requisites scheduled or completed and there must be space available. Please note: if a substitution has been approved for a pre-requisite course, students will need to take additional action and work with their assigned IST Adviser to verify the substitution and send an approval to WC Registrar.