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What is the limit of repeat attempts of a course?

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A student cannot attempt a course more than three times without the permission of the appropriate dean in their unit of enrollment. (It is important to note that it is the academic official of the student's unit of enrollment; not the unit offering the class.) Under no circumstances will approval be given for more than four attempts. Attempts are tracked in LionPATH; students will be denied enrollment after a third attempt in a given course.

Attempts include all courses on a student's transcript (including courses attempted prior to fall 2016) with a letter grade or a symbol indicating satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading (SA/UN) or (LD, WN, WP, or WF).

Attempts also include courses offered by more than one department that are designated as combined section (cross-listed). For example, if a student attempted CAMS 5 and then attempted HIST 5, it would be considered a course repeat because this is a "combined section course."

Attempts will also include sections of a course differentiated by suffix: for example, attempting CAS 100A and CAS 100B would be two attempts.

Please refer to policy C-7: Course Repeats in excess of three attempts. Student needs to complete and submit the Additional Course Attempt Request form, found within the policy link, to an academic adviser when requesting a fourth attempt.