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Security and Privacy

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About: Cybersecurity is a broad research field, including computer security, network security, trustworthy computing, privacy, usability, regulations and public policy, and attack-resilient cyber-physical systems.  We take an interdisciplinary approach to conduct research to detect and remove threats of information misuse to the human society: mitigate risk, reduce uncertainty, and enhance predictability and trust.  Our research methodology is rooted in several disciplines including computer science, game theory, applied mathematics, cognitive science, control theory, economics, social sciences, and public policy. 

Areas of Strengths: Our main research strengths are in systems and software security, usability considerations in privacy and security, economics of information security, and privacy, security and privacy for mobile devices, sensors/sensor network, Internet of Things (IoT), cyber physical systems and cloud computing, cyber forensics.  The current research thrusts include cyber situational awareness, online privacy, secure cloud computing, building secure mobile devices. 

Faculty: John Carroll, Chao-Hsien Chu, Megan Costello, Peter Forster, Marc Friedenberg, Nicklaus Giacobe, Michael Hills, Dongwon Lee, Peng Liu, Sarah RajtmajerDon Shemanski, Anna Squicciarini, Ting WangShomir Wilson, Dinghao Wu, Xinyu Xing, Heng Xu, John Yen

Affiliated Faculty: Alan Sonsteby