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Human-Centered Design (HCD)

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About: HCD integrates, applies and develops human and computational sciences through creating and evaluating interactive systems. HCD researchers study specific fields of human practice/work domains, using ethnography, survey and interview methods, laboratory experiments, field deployments, and session logging/data mining. They create advanced user interfaces and applications incorporating mobile and collaborative technologies, interactive visualizations, and a wide range of interactions. They study the social, cognitive and affective aspects of the user experience, as well as consequences for communities, organizations, and society. HCD research increases the chance that new information technology can actually be used and enjoyed by people for real purposes. HCD researchers are user advocates first and technology advocates second.

Areas of Strength: The HCD group at Penn State has special strengths in scenario-based design, including design tools and methods, and design rationale. We have current research projects directed at understanding user experiences and investigating new tools for Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), collaborative information visualization and analysis, municipal geo-deliberation and decision making, the management of online safety by families with teenagers, data analytic approaches to codifying community issues, discussion, and sentiment, and smart camera-based prosthetics for visually impaired people. We are investigating mobile interactions and applications to support time-banking and other peer-to-peer exchange systems, behavior change for health and wellness, health tracking and cross-generational health collaborations within families, and community heritage, events, and crisis management.

Faculty: Syed Billah, Guoray Cai, John Carroll, Xinning GuiSteven Haynes, Yubo KouMary Beth Rosson, Luke Zhang