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Why IST?

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The College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to help people use technology and leverage information to solve problems that change the world. Our student-centric, collaborative approach combines technology with business, engineering, and the social sciences to give students the technological and interpersonal skills they need to solve these problems. While students can learn how to create technology, IST is unique because our students look at how technology is used, how it’s misused, and the effect it has on the world. 

Outside of the classroom, IST students benefit from a variety of experiences that prepare them for meaningful and in-demand careers.

  • Get Involved – IST students keep the learning going outside the classroom, connect with employers, and engage with other students in a diverse and inclusive environment through nearly 15 IST student organizations.
  • Get Experience – In the classroom, IST students learn from diverse and accomplished faculty to tackle hands-on assignments based on real-world scenarios. Out of the classroom, they apply their skills by completing at least one required internship, with 50% of those experiences leading to full-time job offers for IST students.
  • Get Connected – IST offers students the small college experience by working individually with world-renowned faculty to combine their interests in technology with other passions. But they also have access to leaders in government, business, and education mean they have endless opportunities no matter your interests.
  • Get Hired – With more than 300 companies recruiting IST students, our undergraduates are in high demand. Their technical expertise combined with interpersonal skills and business savvy means our students have the versatility employers want. With two career fairs held exclusively for IST students—Pro Expo in the fall and Future Forum in the spring—and a dedicated Career Solutions team, we have what you need to find a meaningful career.

We encourage you to visit our future students webpage to learn more about what the College of IST can offer you. If you would like to visit campus or chat with someone about the opportunities IST has waiting for you, please don't hesitate to contact us at futurestudents@ist.psu.edu