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Prospective Students

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In the College of Information Sciences and Technology, we are about solving problems — not those only found in textbooks, but real-world problems where information, technology, and people intersect to impact everyday lives.

Our programs are truly interdisciplinary. They blend technical expertise in computer science, programming, and mathematics with skills in communications, business, and psychology. Our students work collaboratively to innovate and explore new solutions in a diverse community, leaving them well-prepared to become versatile leaders in the digital age.

Whether you’re exploring an undergraduate degree or ready to pursue your Ph.D., on campus or online, we have a program for you.

Undergraduate StudentsHigh school students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Read more...

Graduate StudentsStudents who hold a baccalaureate (or comparable) degree from an officially recognized degree-granting institution and who want to pursue an advanced-level degree. Read more...

OnlineStudents interested in pursuing an online undergraduate or graduate certificate or degree through Penn State World Campus. Read more...

TransferStudents who wish to transfer into the College of IST from another institution or another academic college at Penn State. Read more...