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Academic Environment

Student Life

Student LifeThe more you learn about the College of IST, the more you’ll realize there is no “typical” student. Our students have widely varying backgrounds and interests. What unites College of  IST students is a common interest in technology, math, problem solving, and working with other people.

Student Organizations

Clubs and OrganizationsHow do you make the most of your time at IST? Ask any student, and you’ll likely get the same response: Get involved! The number of student organizations in IST keeps growing; it’s a great way to keep the learning going outside the classroom, connect with other students, and even network with potential employers.

Centers and Labs

The College's research centers, labs, and groups include national and international scholars which cover a broad spectrum of research areas, including human-computer interaction, the information society, information assurance, and cyber security.

Academic Advising

AdvisingOur mission is to help undergraduate students achieve their fullest academic potential and to foster their growth by encouraging them to make informed decisions based on their interests, abilities, values, and goals.