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Bachelor of Science

Information Sciences and Technology (ISTBS)

Information Sciences and Technology (ISTBS)

The Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology is for students seeking answers to the world's problems in technology. Is your brain buzzing with ideas for the next big app? Do you have a “big picture” mindset? Do you have a passion for business and technology? If so, this may be the perfect program for you.

Security and Risk Analysis (SRA)

Security and Risk Analysis

The Bachelor of Science in Security and Risk Analysis is for students who have an interest in stopping cyber crime and learning about information security. If you are intrigued by how today’s global environment and emerging technologies are shaping U.S. foreign policy, and the idea of thwarting hackers charges you with adrenaline, you should be considering this program.

Data Sciences (DATSC)

Data Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Data Sciences is an intercollege degree program for students who are curious about data and want to make sense of it to solve problems. Do you look at current trends and wonder how they came to be? Are you a visual person who can clearly communicate difficult concepts and information to others? If so, you should check out this program.