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Discover Security and Risk Analysis

Jessica shares what it is like to be an undergraduate student majoring in SRA, including her work with the Red Cell Lab. Watch her video now.

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Make the world
a safer place

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Evaluate and
manage threats

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Analyze information
and take action

Hear from our students

The College of IST students are driven to solve problems that impact everyday lives where Information, technology, and people intersect. Through our unique curriculum and focus on real-world applications, our graduates are prepared to meet the greatest challenges of the information age.

Do you like to:

  • Stay up-to-date on emerging security issues?
  • Think critically to assess risk?
  • Solve problems?

Gain skills like:

  • Risk assessment
  • Analytic writing and briefing
  • Using analytic support tools and methods like ArcGIS and Analyst Notebook

Grow your knowledge in:

  • Role of data in threat analysis
  • Indicators and warning analysis
  • Visual analytics
  • Legal and ethical issues in security

Why Security and Risk Analysis?

“Our graduates are uniquely prepared to be leaders in addressing the security and risk challenges that face individuals, organizations, and our nation.”

Col. Jake Graham
Professor, Security and Risk Analysis

Col. Jake Graham image

Why Major in Security and Risk Analysis?