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Undergraduate Academic Affairs

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E104 Westgate Building
(814) 867-4039

Our mission is to enrich environments for learning in the undergraduate program. We do this in two ways:

  • Support instruction by assisting instructors in their efforts to design courses and curricula that encourage meaningful, long-term learning.
  • Create programs and opportunities to support learning in IST/SRA courses and in engaged scholarship activities outside of class.

Our services include:

  • Consultation with individual faculty members who are creating new courses.
  • Coordination of monthly Teaching Community luncheons.
  • Assessment of undergraduate curriculum.
  • Planning for classroom research.
  • Support of curriculum initiatives (e.g., First-year Engagement, updates to majors/options).
  • Supervision of Learning Assistant Program.
  • Coordination of college-wide Tutoring Sessions.
  • Support for Honors education.

For information about instructional, course, and curriculum resources for faculty, visit teaching.ist.psu.edu. For information about course, curriculum, and learning resources for students, visit learning.ist.psu.edu.

Faculty and Staff
Image Name Title(s) Contact
Lisa Lenze Lisa Lenze


(814) 867-0466
Priscilla Cetnar


(814) 867-4039
Shelie Rice Shelie Rice


(814) 863-9084