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Graduate and Undergraduate Academic Affairs

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Our mission is to enable student success by providing:

  • top-notch curriculum opportunities across graduate and undergraduate programs
  • academic enhancement programs to support the learning experience
  • faculty development for creating enriched learning environments
  • comprehensive academic and administrative support for residential graduate students

Our services include:

  • Graduate and undergraduate teaching support.
  • Graduate and undergraduate curriculum design, review, consultation, and assessment.
  • Graduate and undergraduate academic integrity.
  • Graduate student recruiting, hiring, course scheduling, exam scheduling, graduation auditing, and reporting.
  • Undergraduate learning enrichment and support (e.g., tutoring, honors, learning assistants, IUG).
  • Undergraduate certificate verification.
  • Undergraduate commencement coordination.

For information about instructional, course, and curriculum resources for faculty, visit For information about course, curriculum, and learning resources for students, visit


Lisa Lenze

Director, Academic Affairs

E107 Westgate Building

(814) 867-0466


Lisa Lenze

Cindy Bierly

Administrative Support Coordinator, Graduate & Undergraduate Studies, Academic Affairs

E397 Westgate Building

(814) 863-3450


Cindy Bierly