Class of 2020 Resources

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from Penn State! We hope you are proud of all that you have accomplished and are excited about the opportunities your Penn State degree will bring.

As you approach commencement and prepare for your next steps, be sure to review information for graduating undergraduate and graduate students. We also hope you'll take advantage of the events and resources below to stay connected with the Penn State and College of IST communities.

Fall 2020 Commencement

Penn State has announced a virtual commencement ceremony for fall graduates to be held on Saturday, December 19 at 2:00 p.m. EST. To learn more, visit


All graduating IST undergraduates should complete the IST Post-Graduation Survey, a confidential and systemized methodology for collecting valuable employment data. This information is beneficial for students who are engaging in the job search process and those who are negotiating a starting salary, while also helping to strengthen the value of an IST degree. Seniors should complete the survey prior to graduation, preferably after they have accepted an offer of employment or entrance to graduate school.

Post-Graduation Survey

Graduate students can help us learn more about their experiences and shape the process for future students by completing the Graduate Student Exit Survey. Your feedback is critical to helping address any outstanding questions you may have, while also identifying areas of strength and opportunity for our programs.

Graduate Student Exit Survey

Alumni Information

All graduates from the College of IST will receive one year of free membership to the Penn State Alumni Association upon graduation and are automatically granted membership in the IST Alumni Society. Members play a critical role in sharing their IST and Penn State pride around the world. Their personal stories and professional experiences help to recruit new students, create and sustain scholarships and financial awards, and promote internship and career opportunities within their organizations.

IST Alumni Society

Penn State Alumni Career Services is here to help you navigate your professional path with support services, job search resources, networking, events, and webinars. Services are available to all Penn State alumni, regardless of location.

Alumni Career Services

Summer 2020 Graduates

Gary Adams Jr.
Mario Amaro
Cindy Araya
Jordan Bailey
Garrett Barch
Albana Beqo
David Beringer
Alan Bersavage
Jay Boltey
Elizabeth Brown
Andrew Bussell
Thomas Campbell
James Cardi Jr.
Nicholas Carradorini
Dana Castor
Wanqin Chen
Junwon Choi
Jonathan Chu
Kathleen Colpetzer
Zachery Cossairt
Richard Cruz
Brandon Cymbalski
Jason D'Aleo
Dylan Depaul
Stefan Desroches
Gethro Dhaity
Chalsey Dorce
Jonathan Dunn
Sanika Edke
Ethan Fiddle
Ryan Foster
Stephen Giacobe
Owen Gilbert
Makeeba Gilmore
Jonah Gindhart
Rachael Girardey
Andrew Goolcharan
Tianbo Gu
Malick Guisse
Joseph Hackett
Michael Hemrich
William Hogan
Matthew Hughes
Karl Hunter Jr.

Jerraune Jenkins
Diderot Joseph
Tyler Kaye
Aaron Kerman
Gibran Khalil
Gregory Kilmon
Ryan Kim
Anastasia King
Anshul Kumar
Austin Latessa
Christopher Lavan
Thomas Leary III
David Lee
Yae Lin Lee
Christopher Lefebvre
Kathryn Levandoski
Silvio Lima dos Santos
Tzu Liu
Bailey MacDowell
Jose Adelfo Maceda
Michael Manley
Lance Marshall
Connor Marsiglia
Rachel McCandless
Erin McDonald
Brennan McKendree
Nima Mehri
Alexander Mellott
Taylor Morrison-Tucker
Nathan Moyer
Steven Ney
Ryan Noakes
Arturo Norico III
John Norris
Jonathan Oliveras
Humuani Oyebode
Louis Paglaiccetti
Pravan Pallempati
Harshil Patel
Jimmesh Patel
Joshua Petrenko
Amogh Prahalad
George Pramas
Austin Price

Byron Proctor
Mahmoud Ramadan
Douglas Rathell
Tiffany Rayside
Phil Reeves
Stephen Risso
Robin Rohlfs
Mauricio Romero
Kathryne Rozier
Christopher Rubinic
Young Jin Ryu
Joel Sakyi
Christopher Sanders
Radi Marielle Sauro
Michael Scott
Jared Shaffer
Zhengqing Shao
Candice Sheaffer
Yiren Shen
Ryan Sheridan
Eun Jung Shin
Christopher Sickles
Shannon Snell
Connor Sparkman
Simon Stroh
Yingqian Sun
Lyndon Swanson
Trevor Talkowski
Kenneth Todd
Jason Tollefson
Stephen Tornetta
Bradley Trevenen
James Tuttle
Shraddha Venkatraman
Muffiser Warraich
Casey Waverka
Daniel Weaver
Maximillian Wendelken Jr.
Markius Williams
Erika Wolf
Jonathan Yeagley
Robert Young
Zeyang Zhu

Michael Alexis
Andrew Brandon
Jacob Brooks
Jennifer Brugger
Shannon Buyaki
Dean Childs
Stephen Cicirelli
Richard Courtney
Sondra Dockery
Fidel Estrella
Tracy Ferguson
Roberto Gonzalez Barragan

Phillip Hallam
Sean Howell
Adannaya Kanu
Tyler Kauffman
Robert Lavin
Ian Manuel
Kavitha Narayanan
Jigar D. Patel
Amelia Quan
Andrew Ragland
Daniel Reither
Drew Rice

Salomon Rodriguez
Michael Shoukri
Nadeem Siddiqui
Chad Smith
Gregory Smith
Sambath Sok
Kanishak Varshney
Sean Walters
Christopher Winsel
Nathan Yeaworth
Kelly Yocum
Tatiana Zwerling