COVID-19: Emergency Plan for Delivery of Instruction for Tutors, TAs, IAs, and LAs

Delivery of Instruction

The purpose of this plan is to take the necessary steps to ensure continuity of instruction through the actions of the Tutors and Assistants (TAs, IAs, and LAs) assigned to College of IST courses.

Teaching Assistants, Instructional Assistants, and Learning Assistants

  • Contact: Lisa Lenze and Fatima Ferguson
  • Office hours can be held via Zoom meetings, using your personal Zoom space:
  • LAs, IAs, and TAs should attend class virtually, the same as students.
  • In courses with required attendance, assistants can record attendance based on video log of attendants in Zoom.

Tutoring Program

  • Contact: Fatima Ferguson
  • Tutoring hours for UP students that are staffed by all-purpose tutors will be held via Zoom on the same days/times that face-to-face tutoring has occurred: Wednesdays and Thursdays, 7-10 p.m., using the request system that is currently used for World Campus tutoring.
  • The residential tutoring webpage is updated to reflect these changes and an announcement about the changes was sent to all student listservs and all teaching faculty.

Remote Learning Resources

Information Technology Helpdesk

  • Contact:
  • For courses with virtual labs, contact your instructor for direction, and contact Helpdesk for requests pertaining to virtual labs.