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While working as a stock clerk at his hometown grocery store near Pittsburgh, Vince Trost’s manager constantly tasked him with putting mayonnaise on the shelves.

“I started to ask myself ‘why do we need so much mayonnaise?’” said Trost. “The greater Cranberry area didn’t need so much mayo.”

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 “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

That is a favorite quote for Mike Eisenreich, a 2003 Penn State alumnus whose path to the College of Information Sciences and Technology is self-described as circuitous.

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This past spring, Josh Irwin, a rising senior majoring in information sciences and technology, was an intern with the United States Military Academy. Now, he's returning from an international conference where he discussed a paper he co-authored as part of a research team at the Army Cyber Institute.

Irwin was third author of “Predicting Bias in Machine Learned Classifiers Using Clustering,” which was accepted to the proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling & Prediction and Behavior Representation in Modeling and Simulation. Irwin's internship and research were supported in part by the DARPA Explainable Artificial Intelligence program, and he used a travel grant awarded by the conference to attend the event, held July 10-13 in Washington, D.C. 

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IST alumnus launches global online platform to connect farmers with consumers

During his time in the College of Information Sciences and Technology, Simon Huntley, a 2004 graduate, found a way to blend his passion for technology with his interest in agriculture.

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When one thinks of health care practitioners, doctors and nurses most likely come to mind. But there are teams of people — including those in information technology — working behind the scenes in ways that directly impact patients, from securing medical records to studying hospital analytics.

The three IST alumni and students highlighted below are among many from the College of Information Sciences and Technology who are currently applying their technical skills and backgrounds in the health care industry through their careers and summer internships.

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Twitter data could give disaster relief teams real-time information to provide aid and save lives, thanks to a new algorithm developed by an international team of researchers.

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Countless children have a dream to spend every day at Disney World. Few have the chance to grow up and work there.

College of Information Sciences and Technology alumnus Dane Berkowitz was one of those lucky few. After completing an internship as a student with Disney Parks & Resorts, he earned a full-time job there soon after his graduation in 2014. He applied his technical background as part of Disney’s point-of-sale team, which managed cash registers for all of Disney’s parks and resorts in the United States. After two years, he transferred to a project team that implemented chip credit card processing at Disney’s U.S. parks and resorts, serving as a system engineer.

Image: Courtesy of Jeffrey Kangar


Jeffrey Kangar, a 2013 graduate of Penn State's College of Information Sciences and Technology, has always held high aspirations to improve the world. As founder of the newly-established nonprofit organization, Technology for Children: Africa, Kangar is turning his dream into reality.

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 A team of researchers from the College of Information Sciences and Technology is working to develop a tool that could help 911 call centers integrate crowdsourced social media posts into their operations.

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For one family, their decision to become Penn Staters started with a chance pit stop at the Berkey Creamery.

Matthew Orbin, a 2009 alumnus, explained that as a high school student, he was on his way home to Pittsburgh from a summer camp in northeastern Pennsylvania when his mom suggested that they stop by the University Park campus to try the “amazing ice cream that Penn State had.”