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Explore IST Day

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Explore IST Day 2019

Registration now open.

Date: Saturday, September 28, 2019
Time: 1:00-4:30 p.m.
Location: College of IST at University Park - Westgate Building

Held in the fall, Explore IST Day gives high school seniors an introduction to each of our majors in the college. You will spend time with current IST students while learning more about our unique programs and opportunities for undergraduates. Parents and family members can also attend an optional program - just for them!

Explore IST Day is meant to help you decide if the College of IST is where you want to start your educational journey, so if you are already heading out to campus for an admission event or just want to learn more about our majors, this is a great program for you to attend. 


Information for Prospective Students

Throughout the day, students will rotate through five 30-minute workshops led by IST faculty and students to engage in real-world, hands-on scenarios to discover each of our five majors:

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Anatomy of Cyberattacks

In this workshop, we will introduce you to several common cyberattack scenarios, including password cracking, website attacks, and social engineering. We will also discuss and demonstrate how to defend against these attacks.

About the Presenter: David Hozza, lecturer of IST

  • Teaches: “Computer Systems Literacy,” “Cyber-Defense Studio,” “Overview of Information Securities,” and “Emerging Issues and Technologies”
  • Research Interests: Cyber defense and Blockchain
  • Favorite Technology: Refrigeration

Data Sciences (Applied Data Sciences Option)

Can We Predict Elections?

What makes a good prediction? After the 2016 presidential election, many people began to wonder whether or not election polls are accurate. In this workshop, we will examine data from the 2018 congressional elections using data science tools to explore the value of polls and predictions in politics.

About the Presenter: Dr. Marc Rigas, assistant teaching professor of IST

  • Teaches: “Networking and Telecommunications” and “Data Management for Data Sciences”
  • Research Interests: Use of health and environmental data, and how students learn technical subjects
  • Favorite Technology: Newsreaders

Human-Centered Design and Development

Design Thinking!

In this crash course in design thinking, you will learn about five activities essential to application design and development. These activities are at the core of the Human-Centered Design and Development major, and by the end of the workshop you will have created a low-fidelity application prototype.

About the Presenter: Dr. Steven Haynes, teaching professor of IST

  • Teaches: “Introduction to Application Development,” “Intermediate & Object-Oriented Application Development,” “Object-Oriented Design and Software Applications,” “Distributed-Object Computing,” and “Foundations of Human-Centered Design and Development”
  • Research Interests: Application development, design science, design rationale, technology evaluation tools
  • Favorite Technology: A fishing rod

Information Sciences and Technology

Teams, Teams, Teams

Teams, teams, teams! They are the building blocks of work, especially in IT. However, teamwork is challenging. The single biggest stumbling block in teams is poor communication. And, as famed playwright George Bernard Shaw said, the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. In this workshop, we will improve your communication skills in teams through a series of exercises and games.

About the Presenter: Dr. Rosalie Ocker, teaching professor of IST

  • Teaches: “Introduction to Application Development,” “Information and Organizations,” “Enterprise Architecture Foundations I,” and “Enterprise Architecture Research Topics”
  • Research Interests: Teamwork, software requirements, enterprise architecture
  • Favorite Technology: Mobile phones

Security and Risk Analysis

Red Cell Analytics Lab Classroom Takeover

The Red Cell Analytics Lab is an IST student organization that provides students with hands-on experience using structured analytics to examine real-world issues. Whether it be cyberthreats, natural disasters, or physical threats, Red Cell members learn to think like the adversary to identify blind spots and gaps in the systems that are in place today. In this workshop, you’ll use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to explore these threats in a tabletop scenario.

About the Presenter: Dr. Sarah Rajtmajer, professor of IST

  • Teaches: “Language, Logic, and Discrete Mathematics,” “Special Topics in IST,” and “Graph Theory”
  • Research Interest: Computational game theory
  • Favorite Technology: The internet

Information for Parents and Families

While your future student is participating in hands-on activities, join us for a presentation about the programs and opportunities in the college. Representatives from the University's Office of Student Aid, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and Campus Housing will also be on hand to answer your questions about the processes and deadlines related to their respective areas.