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IST Current Students Minors Joint Minors and Intercollege Minors

Joint Minors and Intercollege Minors

The following minors are offered jointly through the College of IST and a cooperating college within Penn State.

For specific course requirements, please refer to the University Bulletin description by clicking on the minors below.

Please refer to information on declaring a minor.

Global Security Minor (GLBSC)

Intercollege Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI)

IST Digital Entrepreneurship & Innovation Cluster (Digital E&I)

IST for Aerospace Engineering (ISASP)

IST for Communication Arts and Sciences (ISCAS)

IST for Earth and Mineral Sciences (ISEMS)

IST in Health Policy Administration (ISHPA)

IST for Industrial Engineering (ISTIE)

IST for Labor Studies and Employment Relations (ISLER)

IST for Mathematics (ISMTH)

IST for Telecommunications (ISTLC)

Supply Chain and IST (SCIST)

In order to have access to IST and SRA courses, students must be formally enrolled in a minor. Then courses are available on a space available basis.

Requirements for a minor may be completed at any campus location offering the specified courses for the minor. Declaring a minor does not guarantee:

  • Enrollment in those courses
  • Future availability of those courses
  • Completion of the minor