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IST Current Students Majors ISTBS ISTBS Option Descriptions

ISTBS Option Descriptions


The ISTBS degree is the cornerstone of the College of Information Sciences and Technology. Its broad curriculum prepares you to hit the ground running in the working world, using technology to solve real-life problems and keep your skill set sharp as technology continues to evolve. It also prepares you to go on to graduate school in a variety of fields.

Within the ISTBS major, there are three options. Each option offers specific skills and areas of knowledge in the information technology field.


Information Systems: Design and Development Option (ISDEV)

The ISDEV option teaches you how to design software and integrate information technologies to meet a group of people’s specific need. If you enjoy working with unfamiliar software programs and computer languages, troubleshooting problems when they don’t work, and thinking logically to solve complex problems, this option may be for you. Students in this option work on projects such as developing applications for iPhones and other devices.

Information Technology: Integration and Application (ITINT)

The ITINT option examines how information technology can enable and support how work is accomplished within and between businesses. You will analyze the needs of an organization, formulate and implement technology-based solutions, and evaluate the outcomes. Students in this option work on projects such as designing a software application to store genetic information used by scientists.

Information Context: People, Organizations, and Society (ISPP)

The ISPP option explores how technology impacts organizations and society. You will study how businesses and other organizations use technology in their processes—such as how Starbucks uses Twitter and other social media to promote its brand and marketing messages. You are encouraged to think “outside the box” and pursue opportunities that will allow you to see firsthand how people and technology interact.