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ISTBS Foreign Culture Courses

What are Foreign Culture courses?


  • These are courses that focus on a cultural aspect (e.g., history, literature, political systems, art, etc.) of other countries or geographic regions outside the borders of the United States.  This requirement is separate from the college requirement for Foreign Language proficiency.
  • The Foreign Culture requirement is for students in the ISTBS major and is separate from the US/IL General Education requirement for all Penn State students.
  • A course that fulfills the General Education International Cultures (IL) requirement will be accepted as satisfying 3cr of the ISTBS Foreign Culture requirement.
  • An advanced search on the Schedule of Courses, using the Additional Search Criteria, will produce a listing of all IL courses offered for a specific semester.
  • A Foreign Culture course cannot double count with any other general education requirement.


How do I choose Foreign Culture courses? 

  • You should choose Foreign Culture courses on the basis of your interest in learning more about a particular country or region of the world. An IL course must   strive to increase student knowledge of the variety of international societies and may deal to some extent with U.S. culture in its international connections.
  • See your assigned adviser for more information.