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B.S. in Information Sciences and Technology (ISTBS)

Are you ready to become an expert at using technology to solve real-world challenges, to stay ahead of the trends, keep your skill set sharp, and hit the ground running as a leader in your field after college? Then let’s talk about a bachelor of science in information sciences and technology (IST).
A College of IST education gives you the opportunity to become a leader in the digital age. Here at IST, more than 43 courses are offered, including the IST core and option courses.

You will also get a chance to try out your skills, expand your experience and explore future careers through internships, as all students must complete at least one before receiving their degree.

When you put all the pieces of an IST education together, you will gain a formidable array of skills and knowledge, including:
•    Understanding information technology as a solution
•    Bridging technology and the user
•    Expressing and defending ideas
•    Being a team player and a team leader
•    Experience in dealing with the real problems of the digital economy
•    Developing a skill set for the International marketplace

The possibilities for what you can study in IST are numerous, but we can help you break it down. When you major in IST, you’ll choose one of three program options based on your unique skills and interests:

CREATE! (Information Systems: Design and Development)

With this course of study, you’ll design software, develop applications for smartphones, become an ace at troubleshooting, and solve complex technology challenges. We’ll be seeing your name on a Forbes tech list soon!

STRATEGIZE! (Information Technology: Integration and Application)
In this program, you’ll look at the role of information technology within and between businesses. You’ll analyze the needs of an organization, formulate and implement technology-based solutions, and evaluate the outcomes. You’ll be revolutionizing the way business is done, one Fortune 500 company at a time.

INNOVATE! (Information Context: People, Organizations, and Society)
In this option, you’ll study how organizations use information technology. And you’ll be encouraged to think creatively and pursue opportunities that allow you to see firsthand how people, information, and technology interact. In short, you’ll help shape the future through technology!


For more information about the ISTBS degree, contact the IST Undergraduate Advising Center at 866-225-8707 (toll-free), 814-865-8947, or e-mail

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