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The best way to find out if IST is right for you is to come visit us yourself! Choosing the right college is one of the biggest decisions of your academic career. Did you know that students who visit the college of their choice are more likely to be satisfied with their choice than those who don't visit? Check out one of the many ways to visit below!

We look forward to seeing you on campus! In the meantime, if you have any questions or want to schedule a separate visit, give us a call at 1-866-225-8707 (toll-free in the U.S.) or email

Upcoming Events

October 8, 2015, November 11, 2015, December 2, 2015

Join the IST Alumni Society, faculty and staff at a regional networking event near you, to meet and welcome our new Dean, Dr. Andrew Sears to the IST community.

Listed below are the summer/fall 2015 events, with more to come in spring 2016!

October 17, 2015

The faculty and staff from the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) invite you and your family to join us for Parents & Families Day. Come and find out about our student services and enrichment activities and ask questions. After the presentation, faculty, staff, and students will be available at an informal reception with light refreshments.

For additional information, contact Cindy Bierly (814-863-3450 or or Kathy Wiest (814-863-8833 or

October 18, 2015

The ‘Leaders of the Future’ conference is being offered to promising and emerging student leaders from across the university. The conference will consist of an all-day event with breakfast, lunch and a dinner/mixer and provides opportunities for students to choose four of 16 seminars by invited speakers from industry and academia. These short seminars will feature topics of value to emerging leaders both at the university as well as at your future work place.   

October 24, 2015

Fall Open house is a great opportunity for high school seniors and underclassmen who want to get a jump start on their college exploration to learn about the great academic and career opportunities in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State.  In addition to hearing about our programs, you will have an opportunity to talk to advisors, faculty and current students.  You will be able to sit in on a few lab demos and tour our building as well .  At the end of the day you can also take a tour of the University Park campus.